INTERREG Cephs and Chefs participates in the Children’s Day in Lourinhã

As part of the INTERREG Cephs and Chefs project, the University of Aveiro established a protocol with the City Council of Lourinhã, in order to collaborate in several events related to the Octopus Gastronomic Fortnight of Lourinhã. On the 2nd of June, Sílvia Monteiro and Fábio Matos (UAVR team) were present at the Children’s Day event organized by the City Council of Lourinhã with the educational activity “Polvos: os troca-tintas!”, which contributes to increase ocean literacy. This educational action consisted of different octopus-related activities, including a didactic quiz with curiosities about the biology, sustainability and fishing of this species, puzzles and paintings related to common octopus.

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