Gastronomic Days Vigo Sea Chefs

Cephs and Chefs will collaborate with the Fresh Fish Producers Organization of the Fishing Port of Vigo (OPPF-4) in the organization of Gastronomic Days within the Vigo Sea Chefs Project.

Cephs and Chefs will collaborate with the OPPF-4 in the development of Gastronomic Days through The Ship-owners Cooperative of the Fishing Port of Vigo (ARVI) which is partner of Cephs and Chefs project and leads the Communication Work package. ARVI will provide northern shortfin squid and horned octopus for the development of this cephalopod tasting event to be held in Vigo next weekend, from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th of November.

During the three days this event organized by Vigo Sea Chefs team, northern shortfin squid and horned octopus will be the main ingredients. These species are fished by the Spanish, French, British and Irish fleets in waters of Gran Sol and they will be prepared by chefs of the restaurants that participate in Vigo Sea Chefs. These restaurants are La Carpintería, La Central, La Trastienda del Cuatro, Lume de Carozo, María Manuela, Mijo minibar, Niño Corvo, Pintxoteca Mar and The Othilio Bar, and all of them are located in Vigo.

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During the Gastronomic Days the diptych with information about the Cephs and Chefs project will be distributed in those restaurants as part of the communication activities. The Cephs and Chefs project aims to develop new markets and products based on cephalopods (squid, octopus, cuttlefish), increasing the profitability of the value chain, and helping to make fishers more competitive in the Atlantic Area, while assuring sustainable fishing.

After the event the recipes developed for this gastronomic days will be published on the Cephs and Chefs project website.

All interested parties are invited to attend the event.

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