Presentation of the video “One day in the Market with Glen and Chapi”

Cephs and Chefs Project will present the last chapter of the miniseries “One day in the Market with Glen and Chapi” next Friday, 23th November 2018

ARVI, partner of Cephs and Cefs Project, has developed during 2018 a miniseries entitled “One day in the market with Glen and Chapi”. This miniseries is intended to bring the knowledge about the octopus gastronomic tradition from Spain and Portugal to the peoples of the North Atlantic Area.

The videos were made in Vigo, Cangas and Bueu, and the main protagonists are Glen, a Scottish resident in Spain for 15 years, and the fishmonger Chapi with a long tradition in the fish market of Bueu.

This audiovisual material is part of WP 6 of the project, new market opportunities, which is aimed at chefs in northern Europe, who are open to working with non-traditional fish, to transfer traditional cultural knowledge about the food preparation and safety from South to North.

The presentation will take place in the fish market of Bueu next Friday, 23th November, at 20:30h. Before the screening of the video the information about the project and its objectives will be presented by ARVI.

The project aims to develop new markets and products based on cephalopods (squid, octopus, cuttlefish), increasing the profitability of the value chain, and helping to make fishers more competitive in the Atlantic Area, while assuring sustainable fishing.


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