We start preparing to record videos of Cephs & Chefs

In this month of May the preparation of the recording of the videos of the CEPHS & CHEFS project framed in the work package 6 on Market Opportunities began, in which a task is developed on Chef’s marketing directed to the cooks of the north of Europe .

This task aims to develop a series of training materials in preparation and cooking of cephalopods for beginner chefs in the use of the target species of the project: octopus, squid and cuttlefish.

It has been decided to make videos about the preparation (cleaning and cutting) of each type of product, and others of traditional cooking in Spain / Portugal for each of the species. Afterwards videos of new recipes or innovative recipes will be recorded.

The preparation videos will be recorded in the Plaza de Bueu, with a large quantity and quality of cephalopods. For this purpose, the plaza, the surroundings and the fishmonger who will be part of the recording equipment have been contacted.

After the definition of the places of recording, the plans of execution and the elaboration of the first scripts, in June the images will be taken for the first videos about cleaning and cutting octopus, squid and choco.

The CEPHS & CHEFS project is funded by the European aid call “Atlantic Area (2017-2020)”, and aims to transfer knowledge related to fishing and consumption of cephalopods from southern countries of the Atlantic area with great gastronomic tradition of cephalopods such as Spain and Portugal, to the countries of the north of the area, where these species are barely consumed but they are captured, such as France, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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